Bring your kids to PLAY, enjoy their time and LEARN to CODE. Kidz Coding Academy is a unique place for kids in Kuwait to have fun while playing, learning, and coding!

Welcome to Kidz Coding Academy!  A place where your kids will have easy access to coding and fun ways of interacting with technology. Without the burden of having to book in advance, kids can just walk in and get a unique learning experience while they enjoy playing with our smart robots.

In addition to having fun, kids will make new friends while they work together to create amazing projects. They will also learn the fundamental skills of perseverance and persistence. The skills of problem solving, collaboration and creativity are also part of the leaning experience. 

At Kidz Coding Academy, we work extremely hard to make sure that the playing/coding/learning environment is both safe and pleasant so that kids can have the best experience they can.

We believe that every kid on earth in the 21st century should learn how to code because coding expands their computational thinking skills. Such skills will help your kids throughout their lives in any future domain they pursue.


At our academy, kids can walk right in and enjoy a wide range of activities playing with real smart robots charged and ready to challenge!

Using various tools, kids will be able to control robots and make them respond to voice, navigate, sing and many other fun tasks.

Kids will also enjoy playing many classical games like “memory match” and “quick tap” with some of our smartest and cutest AI-powered robots.

At the academy, we make sure that our robots are both educational and fun at the same time. Our award winning robots will definitely make your kids’ imaginations run wild!


At Kidz Coding Academy, we bring coding to life!  Many kids are attracted to computer science by simply imagining what can be accomplished with programming. We recognize the benefits of learning the fundamentals of coding at an early age. Therefore our classes and sessions are opened to kids as young as four years old.

At the academy, we use intuitive programming tools and platforms developed by well established institutions. We use visual programming to hide the complexity of text-based coding which makes the learning experience much more fun. Block-based coding apps are used that really simplify computer science concepts like loops/events/conditions/sequences and make them very easy to digest.


“Computational thinking is the thought processes involved in formulating a problem and expressing its solution(s) in such a way that a computer—human or machine—can effectively carry out.”

Kidz Coding Academy’s mission is to introduce kids at early ages to computer science and programming concepts regardless of their gender, background or ethnicity. 

Learning to code empowers our young generation and equips them with the necessary and critical skill-set for the future. 

At Kidz Coding Academy, we believe that coding should be as simple as telling a story, so our mission is to empower our kids to write their own stories.